How Can A Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Help You?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings are a great way for those overwhelmed by debt to take charge of their financial futures. Through this legal action, it is possible for debtors to wipe their debt slates clean, which in turn gives these individuals a real chance at reclaiming their lives. Because this can be quite a complex process, many people find it advantageous to engage a bankruptcy attorney to guide them through the proceedings. Below are a few major benefits of hiring a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

While Chapter 7bankruptcy cases can be settled relatively quickly-many in approximately 90 days-they are by no means simple affairs. There are a number of requirements that debtors must meet prior to and during bankruptcy proceedings. Among them are:

· Schedules of assets, liabilities, income, expenditures, contracts and leases

· Certificates of credit counseling

· Employment payment statements

· Anticipated increases in expenses or income

· Records of education-related accounts

The failure to properly provide required documents could result in serious consequences. In severe cases, bankruptcy courts may even revoke a filer’s debt discharge if it is discovered that important information was not produced during the proceedings. Filers can protect themselves against such negative outcomes by engaging a bankruptcy attorney who can ensure that any required documentation is delivered.

During Chapter 7bankruptcy, filers’ are allowed certain asset exemptions, but in some instances filers may be able to exempt property from this process. This can be a key part of filers’ ability to successfully emerge from their debts, so it is important that they take advantage of as many exemptions as possible. A bankruptcy attorney can make sure that all applicable exemptions are appropriately identified and used. Problem when filing can be avoided by having a bankruptcy attorney review the progress of a case to make sure that all property transfers are executed properly.

Hiring a Chapter 7bankruptcy attorney can help you stay on top of your legal obligations, as well as take advantage of any benefits for which you may qualify. The DiTocco Law Group has years of experience in helping people navigate the bankruptcy process, and has a proven track record of obtaining beneficial results for its clients. If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Fort Lauderdale, contact the DiTocco Law Group today for a free consultation.