Taking Control Of Credit Card Debt Through Bankruptcy

At the DiTocco Law Group, PLLC, we understand the fear and stress that come along with falling behind on expensive credit card payments. It can be stressful when your credit card companies send constant reminders and leave you worrying about your credit score. You do not have to let the situation get worse. A skilled bankruptcy attorney can help you find relief from the stress of credit card debt.

When you work with our firm, one of our lawyers will personally guide you from the moment you retain us to file bankruptcy to help you regain control of your life. Our clients are the focus of our dedicated service. You and your family can depend on our experience and commitment to help you eliminate your debt and get back on your feet again.

How Bankruptcy Can Help You Handle Your Credit Card Debt

Filing bankruptcy can immediately stop the harassment and notices from credit card companies.

Most credit card debt is unsecured. This means that depending on how you file:

We can help you understand all your debt relief options. If bankruptcy does not work for your circumstances, our attorneys will help you find a strategy that does work to help you find relief from credit card debt.

It is our goal to help you recover financial freedom for a better future. That is why we will also provide comprehensive guidance to help you rebuild your credit score after filing bankruptcy or receiving a discharge.

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Please contact our firm online or call 954-836-7912 to arrange a free consultation today to discuss your debt relief options with our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys. DiTocco Law Group, PLLC, has many satellite locations around southern Florida, serving Broward (Fort Lauderdale), Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. An office is near you for help whenever you need it, and our lawyers are always available to discuss your concerns.

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