Credit can be rebuilt after a bankruptcy filing

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Bankruptcy |

There is little question that a Florida bankruptcy will have an impact on one’s credit history and score. However, the good news is that bankruptcy is not the end of the line for credit. It can be rebuilt after bankruptcy when one has a conscious strategy to do so.

The nadir of the credit score will generally occur in the immediate wake of the filing when the score will take its hit. However, the trend after the filing is that the credit score will slowly increase every year. One of the immediate ways to help rebuild credit is to start laying the foundation for a solid financial future by changing habits. The worst thing that someone can do is to fall right back into the old habits that led them into bankruptcy in the first place. They should try cutting back on spending right away and being cautious with taking on new credit cards. Those who do apply for new cards should start with secured credit cards.

Moreover, one should continue to monitor their credit even after their bankruptcy. Sometimes, mistakes are made on a credit report, and they can be challenged. It is essential to avoid derogatory information on a credit report in the immediate wake of a bankruptcy. Thus, one should be vigilant to challenge even the slightest error that can harm credit.

People need to know that bankruptcy is not the death knell for their finances. Instead, it can be a way to make a fresh start after being overcome by crushing debt. A bankruptcy attorney may explain to their client how to work within the laws to clear the decks financially and start over once more. In the current economy, some people are pushed into bankruptcy through no fault of their own and might consider making a filing.