How long does it take to complete bankruptcy in Florida?

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Filing bankruptcy can be a long and sometimes complicated process. A lot of factors can impact the length and duration of your bankruptcy proceedings, like the type of bankruptcy you filed and the assets you own. If you filed a bankruptcy in the state of Florida recently, you might be wondering how long it will take to complete.

When is bankruptcy completed in Florida?

Bankruptcy allows consumers to eliminate some or all of their debt and avoid things like wage garnishment, collection lawsuits and foreclosures. The timeline of when bankruptcy proceedings go into effect depends on what type of bankruptcy claim you filed.

One of the most common bankruptcy filings is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This process can be completed in six months or less depending on the efficiency of the courts and your lawyer.

Before you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim, you’ll receive credit counseling from a court-approved agency. From there, the court will look at your residency within the state of Florida. After all of that has been decided, your petition for bankruptcy is formally filed in the court system.

What happens after you file for bankruptcy?

As soon as the bankruptcy is filed, collectors and creditors must stop harassing you. In addition, any foreclosures are delayed as are ,s.

Within 30 days, you must file a Statement of Intention. At this point, you can try to cancel the bankruptcy process if you’ve changed your mind, or you can continue with the bankruptcy.

Around six months after you file for bankruptcy, your attorney will handle any issues, and your bankruptcy goes forward. Every bankruptcy case is different, however, so you should always consult with a lawyer before filing.